We have 8 taps running constantly in our little corner of paradise.

7 for BEER and 1 for CIDER or GINGER BEER.

These taps are gassed up and ready to go, delivering the magnificent liquid into either a schooner or pot.

We also have a tasting paddle, in case you are unsure which you might like.

With so many options and so much to try, its best to start as soon as possible!



CROW n ARROW stocks over 60 craft beers, on tap and in the fridge.


Our taps are constantly changing to bring you a steady stream of tasty, sought after beers, crafted within our great country.

Australian's rarely do things half way, and Craft Beer is no different. From far north to deep south, craft breweries are popping up all over the country and we aim to bring you as many of the amber liquids as possible!


Woah there! You don't like beer? You are ready to try something DIFFERENT?

Say no more friends, we offer a range of ciders and alcoholic ginger beers that will knock your socks off.

We always try to have a cider on tap, if you visit us regularly, you will know it is the tap closest our front door.

From sweet and light, to dry and hoppy, come and try a cider!


Our cocktails are here to aid you in whatever you may need, cheering up, calming down, or simply changing it up!

If you are unsure where to start, try our signature ESPRESSO MARTINI. It will surely turn your night around.

Otherwise our staff are happy to help, our manager always recommends a MOJITO!



Heavy or light, sweet or savoury... yes we do have a large range of SPIRITS!

Whether you are feeling like you need a hard hit of rum and coke, or to swig away on some scotch, our spirits shelf can help you.


Have some wine, you'll be FINE!


Are you after something that will sit well as you catch up with friends or ponder life?

With a soothing palate or a fruit kick, you will love our selection of grape liquids! 

Red, white or otherwise, our list will please the eye and the tastebuds.


Shop 5, 774 Gympie Road

Lawnton QLD 4501​



Wednesday - Thursday

4 pm - 8 pm

Friday - Saturday

3 pm - 8 pm


3 pm - 7 pm


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