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Crow n Arrow is the brain child of Graham Scott - A local, a lover of beer, wine and spirits and a small business owner.

The idea for the bar had been simmering in Graham's mind for a number of years, and in 2015, he took the leap and started planning. In 2017, Graham brought in his long term friend and old footy mate, Paul, to join the ownership team.

After nearly two years of applications, building, financing and finalising, Crow n Arrow was born as a small fledgling bar in Lawnton, on the north side of Brisbane. That was in April 2017 and here we are sharing our story with you, our supporters and new friends.

Lots of people ask us how the name 'Crow n Arrow' came about, and we can tell you the business is much more interesting than the story!

Don't get us wrong, our name is definitely something that sets us apart. Many MANY terrible options were put forward by the owners, to their wives, partners and children, to get the ball rolling and let's just say they definitely needed help. But in the end, they decided to choose an animal and match it with an object - so simple.


Working behind the bar, we have some amazing staff, along with our owners, who will happily lend a hand with choosing some great beverages for you to try!


Crow n Arrow is all about providing the best and most interesting beer, wine and cocktails and serving them with the best possible customer service we can. 

We would love for you to pop in, say hello and try some of the drinks that we offer. Hop over to our CONTACT US page to check out our opening hours, or send us a quick email! We would love to hear from you.

As the CROW flies n the ARROW whistles

The Crow Staff

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